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How much does an outdoors swimming pool actually cost?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

With swimming pools now closed due to Covid-19, I am seeing more clients wishing to have their own outdoor swimming pools. Some prefer an outdoor pool while other clients like to create glass boxes around the pool to create an indoor oasis, complete with saunas, steam rooms and Jacuzzi baths, but how much do they cost? Chartered Quantity Surveyor Michael Garnham can advise on these costs together with the associated costs of drainage, plus new electrical and gas supplies which are often required for the swimming pool plant. An outdoor pool depending on size starts from circa £95,000 excluding builders OHP, paving, supplies, plant room, services, drainage and VAT. There are so many possible variations with swimming pools and jacuzzi hot tubs we would therefore need an outline design/requirement to give you an approximate estimate on costs. The finishes to swimming pools vary considerably, mosaic tiles being more expensive than large format tiles.

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