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How I became a Chartered Quantity Surveyor (MRICS)

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Well, I told my careers adviser that I wanted a job which involved inside and outdoors work, and I wanted to travel around. She came up with the job as a trainee quantity surveyor so at 16, I packed my bag and left to join the big wide world of construction and joined M J Gleeson Group as a trainee quantity surveyor.

I cycled to work every day and was given a day off (ha-ha) to attend NESCOT college in Ewell to study an ONC & HNC in building studies for 4 years. College taught me all about buildings, contract administration, materials, and design. My work taught me how to value and measure construction works, how to deal with sub-contractors, consultants, directors, end-user clients and also how to make a good cup of tea.

I continued my studies for a further 3 years at South Bank University, London again on a day release basis and achieved a 2.1 Hons degree in quantity surveying.

Having worked mainly for a large and medium-sized contractor I decided I wanted to become a PQS (Professional Quantity Surveyor) so back to study for another 2 years and in 2010 I achieved my MRICS status as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor.

It's been a long journey and had many ups and downs but I have always been passionate about buildings and what they cost. I enjoy working with clients and builders who want to build relationships, enjoy the process of building and who can all stand back at the end of the project and smile.

So, that's my story. Thanks for reading. If you are considering a project please do get in touch. I have a great deal of experience from working on a variety of projects and can help you navigate through the building process from budget estimates to the agreement of the final account.


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