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Epsom Quantity Surveyor, Cost Consultant/Estimator: Why you need a Chartered Quantity Surveyor!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

As a Potential Client you will be thinking “why do I need a Quantity Surveyor?” or “how much money will a Quantity Surveyor save me?”

It is crucial to appoint a Chartered Quantity Surveyor such as “Michael Garnham Associates” at the inception stage of a project in order to assist the design team in reaching a cost-effective design which suits the client’s needs. Michael Garnham Associates will examine the design from a neutral point of view and then provides alternative solutions and identify elements which could be missing in the design!

Due to economic factors and price fluctuations the Quantity Surveyor can also assist in suggesting materials which are readily available at market-related costs. The project estimate is a good guideline for the client and the design team to determine the scope of works and the extent of the finishes. Eliminating financial uncertainty reduces the need for costly redesign and lost time. The project estimate will be beneficial to the client’s financial planning and funding requirements.

A comprehensive tender document and approximate bills of quantities/ schedule of works are one of the best ways to ensure that the client receives competitive tenders which can be evaluated thoroughly. This is but one of a Quantity Surveyor’s core services which Michael Garnham Associates can help you with.

As the work proceeds on-site, the Quantity Surveyor provides the following services:

· Monthly budget reports.

· Cash flow projections for funding requirements.

· Inspecting monthly claims and recommending payments for work done on-site to prevent over-payment.

· Estimated percentage of completion of the project with regards to progress and payments.

· Estimated proposed variations to the contract.

· Tender and quotation analysis.

· Negotiations with contractors

· Final account settlement.

· Advice on the building contract.

· Assisting in the resolution of contractual claims.

· Reviewing drawings and suggesting alternative methods.

Please get in touch if you are considering a new build or refurbishment project and Michael Garnham Associates will be happy to provide a free quotation. The way I like to work is to earn my fee. My fee will be paid by the savings I find you.

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